**3 Ways To Maintain a Positive Attitude**

**3 Ways To Maintain a Positive Attitude**

There are 365 days in the Year, about 30 days in a month and approx 14-21 days out the month us woman go through "THOSE" emotions. It is hard sometimes to maintain even the slightest smile. God help our loved ones that have to endure the changes in emotions sometimes xoxo. 

I allowed myself to invest time in my day feeling unmotivated, sad or tired. Why though?? My mind, my personality, my HEALTH all are put on the chopping block and left for anyone or the smallest thing to put me over the edge! 

Not today!!

I started doing these 3 things to keep my PEACE in check.

Let's Get Into It...


1. Start Your Day Off STRONG!!

Not only do we have the power to speak into existence things we want to happen, we also have the control over our emotions and how we WANT to feel!

Today (and EVERYDAY) I want to wake up happy, ready to tackle anything that will come my way. 

I don't care if I have to force a smile, we smiling this morning ok teeth and all!

I am going to be thankful I woke up, give THANKS to God for my household waking up too. Overall, this is all I need in a sense.

I will say my prayers and here is where I say my affirmations and Declarations. 

BE SPECIFIC...BE HONEST...BE SINCERE (Sincerely Trish Boutique Pun)

~Send me a message if you want me to share some prayers, affirmations and declarations I like to repeat!

2. Fulfill Your Own Love Language

I'm guilty for playing out a movie in my head and expecting it to go that way! For example, I come downstairs...Hubby is going to lift me in the air and give me the biggest hug. Although this happens (I'm very blessed in this area) it may not happen when I NEED it! So now what happens when I don't get it?...#Attitude. I mean it may not be the worst attitude but you feel some type of way LOL. All because, my movie did not play out.

Today (and EVERYDAY) I will play out my movie myself. I will come downstairs and INITIATE myself the "Physical Touch" I need. I raise my arms, I get lifted in the air, I squeeze tight for a hug and I get squeezed back even tighter.

Now that is one example of fulfilling my own love language. 

If I want words of affirmation, I may look myself in the mirror and SPEAK UP what I want to hear.

For Gifts, I may go buy myself something nice! 

3. Have something to look forward to...

If I notice my emotions are out of wack, I start to immediately plan something exciting that I can look forward to. Having a plan in place somehow sets these repeat reminders in my head that this is coming up...I get excited. I now have removed space to dwell on other things. 

I have purposely asked...not waited for anyone to ask me...Let's go to the movies today! Do you want to watch a movie together after work? Want to grab apps and drinks at 5:30? There are so many things you yourself can put into action and that you now can look forward to happening. 

Let's be honest, it may not always go as planned, but I made it through the day excited and ready!! Oh and you better believe on the days, I need it, I will Dress to IMPRESS and look forward to how good I am going to look. Check out some our looks in our Sincerely Trish Collections for some inspo!

This is all PROGRESS...not Perfection. I can say that it works. I have even been given feedback that...WOW you have really been nice lately...LOL

I repeat...this is PROGRESS not Perfection don't hold me to the moments I may snap on you. 




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